Susana felicidade Susana felicidade


Chef Susana Felicidade

Chef’s cuisine with influences from the Algarve

A lawyer by training, Susana started cooking within sight of the beach at Praia de Arrifana in the Algarve. But lucky for us all, she ended up here, in Lisbon, where she opened a series of successful petisqueiras, or snack bars, that earned her a ticket into the Time Out Market with her outlet Cozinha da Felicidade. Eight years on, and in a year in which she also opened the restaurant Cal on Praia de Arrifana, she has made her debut under her own name, joining the chefs’ wing at the Market. Here she presents signature cuisine based on the Algarve’s most regional and traditional dishes, focusing on the Vicentine Coast area and its most iconic products, such as fish and shellfish, sweet potato, alcagoita (the local name for peanuts), xerém (cornmeal), pork from the Iberian black pig, carob, figs and muxama (dried tuna).   Time Out says: Susana Felicidade brings to the Market a cuisine of memories, but with a touch of modernity, “as signature cuisine demands.”