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New life for Miguel Laffan
in the Market

Miguel Laffan came onto the chef’s wing of the Time Out Market in 2015 with ‘Chicken all around’ – a concept aimed at promoting chicken as an accessible and popular source of protein. “It’s one of the world’s most democratic and consensual foods,” he said at the time. “I wanted to enable Time Out Market customers to sample flavours from around the world, by combining chicken with different sauces.” As this concept made the transition to other spaces around town, Laffan reinvented his space in the Time Out Market, developing an exclusive concept for his restaurant here, more in line with his long-established gastronomic identity, which has already won him a Michelin star for his Alentejo restaurant L’AND, which, essentially, is auteur cuisine. “This new menu features interpretations of the auteur dishes that are on offer in my other restaurants, adapted to be served in a space like Time Out Market, with a ‘clean’ presentation and focussed on flavour, while always respecting the original ,” Laffan explains. The chef’s new menu is divided into dishes from the sea and from the countryside – that is to say, seafood and meat. Within these two categories can be found dishes such as matured sirloin steak served with potato purée and smoked butter (€24), pork shoulder (from the Iberian black pig) with sweet potato and grilled pineapple (€19), Portuguese-style grilled chicken (€14) and, from the sea, grilled bacalhau (salt cod) served with xerém (cornmeal) with chouriça sausage and cabbage (€16.50) or fresh fish of the day cooked in a fish-stew sauce (€14). “It’s quite a democratic menu, to suit all tastes,” is Laffan’s summary. As well as these dishes there is also a starters menu that ranges from tuna tartare (€12) to Caesar’s salad – a survivor from the previous menu – and two very promising desserts: a chocolate and caramel cake and an American cheesecake (cooked) with orange. On the wine list the highlight is the house wine, which is the result of a collaboration between Miguel Laffan and Alentejo winery AdegaMãe. But not everything is on the menu yet. Laffan’s taste for Asian flavours is well known, so expect to see noodles – with a Portuguese touch in the form of flakes of bacalhau – added to the menu before long.