And the dish of the day is…

At chef Marlene Vieira’s restaurant in the Time Out Market there’s a different dish for every day of the week, in addition to everything else on the menu every day at any time.

No matter how many restaurants she opens or how many dishes she creates, it is octopus that will always be associated with Marlene Vieira, as one of her iconic and most popular offerings in the Time Out Market. Though no longer a dish of the day, it still features on a menu that includes many equally appetizing dishes, such as her famous pataniscas (codfish fritters) – already been voted the best in the Lisbon region. But every dish on the menu at Marlene Vieira’s restaurant tells a story.

The list of dishes of the day that take pride of place at the chef’s outlet here in the Market practically form a map of mainland Portugal, since there are dishes from every region. “All the dishes of the day are authethically Portuguese,” says Vieira, who for this summer has introduced two seasonal novelties to the list. The first, Monday’s dish of the day, is sardine cutlets with tomato rice – a dish that on this culinary map represents the Porto region. As sardines are available through September, for now this dish – sardine cut in half, boned and breaded – remains on the menu.

The other novelty, and Friday’s dish of the day, is a classic from the south of Portugal: chargrilled chicken with fried potatoes and Algarve salad. On Tuesdays there are those pataniscas, served with tomato-and-bean rice; Wednesday is the day for crispy pork belly with roast potatoes. Thursdays are set aside for bacalhau à lagareiro (codfish, roasted with olive oil, garlic and bay leaf), and then on Saturdays there is seafood rice with coriander and on Sundays a lovely duck rice.

Each dish of the day costs €9.90; order the set menu of the day (dish of the day, drink and dessert) and it €14.90. When it comes to desserts, there are some unmissable new additions, such as passion-fruit meringue tart and Azores pineapple roll.