éclaires L'Éclair

Spring has sprung at L’Éclair

Spring is here and the city’s gardens are greener and more blooming than ever. In the display case at L’Éclair, too, the new season is making its presence felt. The new Spring-Summer collection of éclairs are here.

The display at L’Éclair – Pâtisserie Française at the Time Out Market is always one of the prettiest. We never tire of admiring the beauty of the masterpieces of pastry that they sell there every day. They are veritable jewels that also change with the season. Now spring is here, it brings new creations from head pastry chef João Henriques. The new flavours make it even more difficult to choose which one to order.

Since this is a Spring-Summer collection, fresher tastes are to the fore. Citron Bergamote (lime confit, meringue, and lemon and bergamot cream with lime and mint jelly) and a ‘Coriander, lime and green apple’ éclair (featuring a compote made from Granny Smiths, pastry cream with fresh coriander, whipped cream with lime, crystallised coriander and fresh green apple) are good examples of the freshness of the new collection. But that does not mean that there are not still éclairs with more conventional flavours. The Abade de Priscos éclair, based on a traditional Portuguese sweet, is one of the stars of the collection, and the first truly Portuguese-French éclair here. It features kumquat whipped cream, abade de Priscos yolk-and-port pudding and crystallised kumquat chips. There is another éclair that recalls a Portuguese sweet, farófias, known in French as Íle Flottante (vanilla cream, caramel, egg whites and ganache). The menu has other éclairs to be discovered, but the ideal thing is to explore what they have to offer in the Market.

Foto: Luís Ferraz