Cones artesanais Santini santini gelados cone

Santini, the wafer that rocks the ice cream

There are those who boast of making artisanal ice cream, but how many people can say that both their ices and their cones are made in artisanal fashion? Famous local firm Santini can. We went to find out about their production process, where the wafer for the cone is made from scratch.

1) Six people work at the factory that makes the cones for all Santini outlets, of which there are currently 10. Every day it turns out 20 boxes full, each with 280 cones, making for 5,600 cones a day.

2) Nazaré Rodrigues has been overseeing production here for four years now. The cone factory has been going next door to the Santini store in São João do Estoril for five years. Before that it was in Carcavelos, where the brand’s ices are made. The move meant that the chilling process is now in one place and the baking process in another.

3) This is an artisanal process at every stage. Each cone is made in seconds, so the degree of concentration is high. First the machine receives the raw dough, which is pressed and removed in very quick succession and then rolled around a cone mould.

4) Not all the cones emerge exactly the same colour and that is the greatest proof that the whole process is artisanal. Different cooking times result in different shades. Here we are talking about mere micro-seconds that can make the difference.

5) The wafer used in Santini cones is made only of natural products such as flour, eggs and sugar, without added chemical flavours or preservatives. The recipe is that of the firm’s founder, Attílio Santini, and has remained the same all these years.

6) This factory produces not only the cones and mini cones into which are ladled the ices in various flavours that Santini sells. The same mix and process is used to make altesses and mini altesses – those fan-shaped wafers that decorate ice cream. They are also sold in small packets that you can take away.