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10 new things to try in 2024

New year, new food. Nothing like starting the year with something new, and if there’s one place where new things sell like hotcakes, it’s the Time Out Market. See (and taste) our suggestions.
  • Pistachio Cookie and Hot Chocolate – Funky Chunky Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside – these are the Funky Chunky cookies that have become a real phenomenon in Lisbon and, more recently, at Time Out Market in particular. The various flavours such as Nutella, dulce de leche, double chocolate, peanut butter dream and red velvet have now been joined by pistachio. And, since good news never comes alone, Funky Chunky has just launched another novelty to warm you up this season: a delicious hot chocolate.
  • Banh Mì Pork Sandwich – Asian Lab As well as having a great background in Oriental gastronomy, Asian Lab chef Maurício Vale always does his homework when he launches a new dish. In the case of this Banh Mì – an icon of Vietnamese cuisine – the chef travelled across Vietnam from north to south to taste all examples of the dish he could find. On his return, he recreated this French baguette with Char Siu pork belly, Sambal pâté and pickles, with a special lime mayonnaise, which you can now try at Asian Lab. €9.50
  • Pakora Bao – Asian Lab This Pakora Bao is an Indian-Nepalese snack that came about at the request of the Asian Lab team, most of whom are vegetarians. Chef Maurício has created a bao stuffed with crunchy vegetables full of flavour. It comes with a slightly spicy and sweet tamarind sauce and a green tomato salad. As always, an explosion of flavours. €6.50
  • Purple Haze – Time Out Bar You can always count on the classics at Time Out Bar, but every season its signature cocktail menu is updated according to the temperature and seasonal flavours. For this autumn and winter, the Time Out Bar team has prepared a menu full of warm, colourful options, of which this Purple Haze is an excellent representative. It’s made with vodka, pisco, bergamot liqueur, Ginger Falernum, beetroot juice, apple juice, lime and orange juice and ginger syrup. A simple, earthy and citrusy cocktail.
  • Codfish soup with chickpeas and egg – Mercado da Sopa The new kiosk of chef Miguel Castro e Silva is a veritable chameleon. In the summer it has cold soups such as gaspacho (as it is known in Portuguese) and vichyssoise; in the winter, soups on offer are real comfort food, like this one that combines three ingredients that are very popular in Portugal: bacalhau (salt cod), chickpeas and eggs. This is one that will make history this winter, but others such as Sopa Rica do Mar (a hearty seafood soup) or Sopa de Cação (dogfish soup) are also great options for cold days. €7
  • Octopus with black sweet potato purée  – Chef Susana Felicidade There are many octopus dishes, but none like this one. A true painting on the plate, with flavours from the Algarve coast – where chef Susana Felicidade has her roots – this tender octopus is served with roasted vegetables, pepper jam, and the element that makes all the difference, a black sweet potato purée (€16.90).
  • Chef’s salad – Chef Vincent Farges For the past two years, chef Vincent Farges has been treating Time Out Market customers to the benefits of his French origins, marinated for over 20 years in Portugal’s own culinary traditions, and the result is dishes like this chef’s salad made with grilled Algarve prawns, carrots, cherry tomatoes, oranges, lettuce and citrus vinaigrette (€10.50). But there are other novelties on the menu at his recently renovated stall in the Market, such as Filet Mignon au Poivre or Truffled Croque Monsieur.
  • Muxama salad – O Frade In a restaurant of Alentejo origin, a salad can never be just lettuce and tomato: it always has a bit more to it. That is certainly the case with this Algarve-inspired salad, which is much more than a side dish, indeed a complete meal. The lettuce goes well with a very fine muxama (dried tuna) with almonds (€12.50). For a more classic dish, O Frade’s duck rice remains one of its most popular dishes.
  • Partridge and mushroom croquette – Croqueteria There’s no other place in Lisbon like Croqueteria, where the croquette is king and they emerge warm from the oven all the time. While traditional meat croquettes are the most popular, other varieties are not far behind. While we all have a favourite (cuttlefish ink, codfish with chorizo, or goat’s cheese and red onion are among ours), we look forward to special editions such as this one featuring partridge and mushroom, which makes an appearance once a year. It is time, so come and try it (€2.25 each).
  • Roast rib of beef – Chef Marlene Vieira The dish of the day sells like hotcakes at the stall overseen by chef Marlene Vieira, whatever day it is. There are always good options, varying throughout the week, and updated throughout the year. The most recent newcomer is roast rib of beef with potatoes and spring onions, the current dish of the day on Mondays. The set menu with dish of the day, drink and dessert costs €15.50.