Café Tartine

One Tartine is good; two are even better

The first floor of the Market is now home to a newly opened Tartine cafeteria – a space where you can eat and drink most of the company’s top products, and read the newspaper, too.

In July last year, Tartine set up shop in the Time Out Market with a well-defined mission: to give new meaning to the most importante meal of the day, breakfast. Mission accomplished and more than accomplished, given that said breakfasts in the Tartine space in the food hall are served form 9am to 11pm.

Now Tartine has been given another mission, to create a new cafeteria space on the first floor of the building, right next door to the restaurant Pap’Açôrda and the Time Out shop, and just a few steps away from the Time Out Studio, where customers can sip a coffee and eat a little something in a calm, exclusive atmosphere.

The new space has some 25 seats arranged around a long table and a few sofas, and has a view of the food hall. It is in this relaxed setting that you can drink a coffee in all its many different forms, from espresso to milky galão, with cow’s milk or with rice, almond or oat milk, eat a bowl of organic yoghurt with homemade granola and fruit, a ham-and-cheese toast or one of the range of pastries for which Tartine is known – including doughnuts. The eggs Benedict and other light meal options are reserved for the space in the food hall, although special requests are possible.

Here the atmosphere is a bit different. In this space you can still read a newspaper or paper magazine, which is very handy since the Time Out Shop is right next door and there is no shortage of magazines and newspapers there.

The Tartine café is located on the first floor of the Market and is open daily from 10am to 11pm.